new review of volume 3 in UK's Old Time News

we sincerely thank steve blake and the Old Time News for publishing a generous review of Hog-eyed Man 3 in the winter issue! here's an excerpt: "The playing feels very personal, as if you are constantly being told a story, hanging on every note and every nuance. My own personal preference with fiddle music tends to lean heavily towards old scratchy field recordings and often, when I hear modern recordings, though I may be greatly impressed with the playing, I feel some raw quality of urgency or intensity can be lacking in comparison. The first thing that struck me when I heard this band was that their music and sound manages to be sublime and stark, profoundly technical and seemingly effortless, tight and relaxed, extremely well produced and timeless. An essential recording for old-time fans." --Steve Blake, OTN No. 92. Full review here.