new reviews of HEM 3

We are grateful when anyone takes the time to review our music, especially in an era where paid PR has largely eclipsed music journalism. In the last two weeks we received two very generous reviews of our latest CD (Hog-eyed Man 3). Veteran oldtime musician and critic Steve Goldfield, writing for Bluegrass Unlimited, called it "a masterpiece." Jerome Clark, an eloquent reviewer of folk music for Rambles, described our music as "infused with an atmospheric and emotional richness of the sort that happens only when art and artist are in perfect alignment." Both reviews are rich with details about the tunes and songs on Vol.3 and Mr. Clark penned a wonderful paragraph about the miraculousness of oldtime music's enduring beauty and power in the modern age.

All we can say is thanks, y'all... 

We really do appreciate it.